Have you ever had the experience that, after a hectic time at work, you take a holiday and get sick? The long-awaited days of relaxation after an intense period of work and stress become a time for bed rest, painkillers and ER visits.

Many authors, including the German author Dr Hamer, have shown that disease does not exist as such but is actually biological programmes full of meaning. ‘Disease has a meaning; it is a biological programme for survival to remove stress resulting from conflicts that affect all living beings.’

Biodecoding is a method that helps us to discover the conflict disturbing us in order to treat it, thus solving our internal problem. It consists of learning to decode many physical diseases.

Over 20 years ago, Spanish psychologist Enric Corbera developed this theory that has now evolved into BioNeuroEmotion, bringing it closer to emotional maturity, leading to neurological and biological changes in managing the internal conflicts of those affected.

The key stemming from everything discussed above is ‘unlearning’. Our neurons connect and disconnect constantly to adapt to and perceive the world surrounding us. Emotions are the tool to conduct these changes. We know that anything that a person does not experience with emotion is either not learned or not remembered. Neural connections are directly connected to our emotions and these neuronal changes cause physiological and biological changes.

BioNueroEmotion is the art of finding a hidden emotion, the emotion associated with the symptom and the meaning it has based on one’s personal, family and transgenerational history. It can thus be treated using techniques for unlearning, which promotes healing by freeing the emotion within the unconcious and transforming it by working on it. In short, BioNeuroEmotion addresses a person’s emotional maturity, the passage from emotional adolescence to emotional adulthood, where people begin to understand that emotions affect their health and therefore influence their entire surroundings and that they must learn to manage them and, if possible, transcend them.

How does one work on BioNeuroEmotion? It is developed through the NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) methodology, Ericksonian Hypnosis, The Transgenerational, Sense Project and Memorised Biological Cycles.

In short, it is increasingly clear that the mind-body connection and the balance between the two is a safe combination to physical and emotional wellbeing and that the two are dependent on one another.


Alicia León


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