The wedding industry was not immune to the drastic business changes of recent years and was obliged to adapt to the new consumer expectations and shifts to an omnichannel relationship.

For one of our clients in the wedding dress sector, we redesigned their business model focused on the consumer journey and incorporating the omnichannel perspective at a global level.

In the first phase, we conducted a complete analysis covering the main areas: long-term business plan, benchmark, sales network, customer satisfaction and loyalty. We also assessed the current business organization at three different levels: attitudes, competencies, and skills (professional and technical).

The new model was designed taking into consideration every consumer touchpoint in different channels during the buying process and balancing between maximizing the customer satisfaction and the appropriate level of service. The output helped us to develop the “new” sales strategy, methodologies, trade policies, kpi´s and finally the design of a full training program to all the different sales channels.

The implementation of the new methodologies and processes resulted in:

  1. A stronger relationship with the current customer base and an increase in average ticket value.
  2. A reduction in customer chunk levels.
  3. An increase of new customers given the higher loyalty levels and promoter scores.
  4. An increase in sales and customer profitability.
  5. A new set of kpi’s to track the CLTV (Customer Life Time Value) and the appropriate parameters to follow-up.

Barna Consulting designed the new consumer journey for this client to increase the average purchasing value. In parallel, we redefined the role and the focus of the different channels in each of the specific markets based on the local characteristics.