Staring with an in-depth analysis of the current sales model and an assessment of the sales force we adapted and expanded the model to the new vision of a large food manufacturing and distribution company.

One of the key pillars of the project was to develop new methodologies to improve the monitoring of the commercial results. To maximize efficiency and effectiveness a detailed control system was implemented to track sales activities with clear KPI´s, parameters, and responsibilities.

The following phase comprehended the design of a holistic development plan for the sales organization. Apart of the strong motivational factor, the objective of the training was to develop the teams to become more focused on execution and results, improve their communication and management skills and become better leaders.

Barna Consulting prepared and delivered various programs focused on supporting the implementation of the new management systems, as well as improving managerial and leadership skills for the top management team.

The collaboration with the client resulted in an improvement in sales and a higher level of excellence in the commercial sales organization.