Sometimes we need a guide that we can consult to boost and stimulate our skills and help us to take decisions. That’s where our sales mentoring projects are helpful – to give directors, managers and executives excellent skills with the guidance of our mentors.

We use business mentoring to work on interpersonal skills, accelerating professional growth in people in full alignment with the organisation. This means identifying and working on know-how methodologies and improving practices to achieve success.

We achieve our results with the following mentoring methods:

  • We use completely personalised methods, tailored to each participant’s circumstances and needs.
  • One-to-one meetings covering different phases:
    • Analysing and detecting needs
    • Action plans
    • Evaluation and follow up
    • Feedback and route map
  • The number of sessions depends on each individual case.
  • We monitor progress and outcomes and prepare reports in order for the get participant´s awareness of their progress.