Markets are continually changing, and customer behaviour is too. Competition has been taken on global dimensions. Now, more than ever before, it’s about staying ahead or being left behind. Our business consultancy services work with enterprises to design results-focused solutions, establishing a business model that will drive your success by strengthening medium and long-term strategies.

We guide you towards high impact results through personalised mentoring based on multi-sector expertise and a team of business and multi-channel sales consultants. Always aiming for excellency, we use benchmark and proprietary methodologies. We accompany you through the diagnosis progress, ensuring that the impact of your changes in traditional and digital settings yield optimal results.

Business model

Without customers there is no business. Defining your target audience is the best practice to enable your company to improve and professionalise the sales departments. This evaluation is based on an all-round perspective of the sector that encompasses commercial area, customers and competitors.

The business model is the ultimate result of business analysis, diagnosis and recommendations, during which data is generated to improve and re-engineer the following aspects:

  • Business planning
  • Market and customer segmentation
  • Sales organisation structure, roles and size
  • Sales network organisation
  • Business and sales methodology
  • Business and customer management tools
  • Team management policies
  • Scorecards and KPI´s
  • Monitoring and control systems
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty

Sales network assessment

More often than not, we know what we want, but we don’t know how to get it. A sales assessment provides a picture of the dynamics and efficiency of the sales team. The insights obtained are used to draw up strategies to optimize organisational efficiencies and raise the commercial results.

Sales networks are mainly diagnosed by:

  • Evaluating strengths and potential areas of improvement in order to boost productivity and salesforce effectiveness
  • Optimising internal and external sales workforces
  • Creating and implementing action plans to improve business performance
  • Speeding up the execution of new strategies
  • Identifying hidden potentials in the organisation


A positive customer experience affects profitability, attracts new customers and reduces customer churn. Customer lifetime value (CLV) measures the relationship between companies and customers.

A dissatisfied customer will never be loyal, which is why we take a two-pronged approach:


Customer service practices are analysed with the following tools:

  • Customer journey – on and offline
  • Moments of Truth (MOT)
  • Claims journey


We base our analysis on the five pyramids of loyalty:

  • Available and required information to segment and create KPI´s to evaluate and maximize ROI
  • Customer communication programmes to inform and to hear the customer
  • Programs to detect and regain dissatisfied customers
  • Events, invitations, business courtesy programmes
  • Where appropriate, loyalty schemes with specific value proposition for some customer segments.

Ways Of Working (WOW)

The way people interact in a business context is crucial to the efficiency and effectiveness of any business organisation. Ways of Working are tools used to define three levels of work methodologies for sales teams, depending on the existing situation:


  • We organise workshops with professionals from different levels and backgrounds. The objective is to gather information to create maps showing how the business is operating from a commercial perspective and compared to its own sector.


  • We define key actions and processes within a WOW for careful and accurate implementation.


  • We set off implementation levers, defining objectives, methodologies and required information for each lever.

Business diagnosis

When an opportunity is detected, the origin and underlying causes must also be defined before deciding on the best approach. A business diagnosis is an analytical process in which information is gathered to find the root causes of the situation. All dimensions are analysed, especially customer profiles, markets, competitors, historic results, working methodologies and expected results. This data is then used to create a map of actions to optimise earnings. We act in three areas:

  • Review the company’s business strategy
  • Act with the sales teams
  • Optimise business process methodologies.