The crisis caused by COVID-19 has created uncertain scenarios that demand new ways of working and leading teams. Executives need new set of skills and tools to ensure their teams work effectively and sales teams need to communicate with their customers remotely. In this new environment, we are moving towards a “hybrid” model of consultative sales, a combination of face-to-face and remote relationship with our customers.

It requires awareness and tools to adapt to the current situation and lead to the “new normal”. In order to quickly respond to these requests, we, at Barna Consulting Group, have developed the following three key areas:

Virtual Meetings

We help sales teams to become hybrid advisers, combining their technical skills of face-to-face selling with technological skills to generate value in organizations. How to do it?

  • Addressing limiting beliefs and breaking barriers of sales teams.
  • Creating close relationships with customers in this new reality.
  • Adapting the content, messages and formats of face-to-face visits to a multi-channel environment.
  • Taking advantage of technologies and means of communication to generate sales.
  • Using Inbound Sales techniques to connect with potential clients.
  • Creating value in the remote visit.

Leadership and Supervision of Remote Teams

In this new situation, many managers need to adapt their leadership style to a remote mode to keep the motivation and proactivity of the sales force. It is necessary to:

  • Make our team more flexible and adapt to the peculiarities of remote communication.
  • Adapt the “rules of the game” to deliver the goals and business objectives.
  • Incorporate new feedback techniques and tools adapted to different communication channels.
  • Compensate for the coldness of screens with truly effective meetings.

Virtual Commercial Coaching

One of the main tasks for any commercial managers is a proper supervision and development of their sales teams. We are supporting and developing them to carry out this key task with their teams remotely. We need to ask ourselves:

  • What methodologies do we need to guide and develop commercial teams in remote?
  • ¿How can sales managers best adapt to the new requirements to motivate and focus their teams? Should they only consider traditional sales and performance KPI´s?
  • How can we support them “remotely” when they need us?

Remote coaching is not only possible but is a key task to strengthen our teams. The implementation of new methodologies and the development of new digital and emotional skills are vital in the very short term.

We must adapt to this new reality and prepare ourselves for a new normality in which remote communication will have more and more relevance.