Last November, Sergi Ramo (Barna Consulting Group expert in Sales Training and Business Consulting) gave a presentation retaining sales talent in the Chilean Congress VI auctions organized by ICARE Chile.

Currently, sales consulting and Training Commercial Equipment is an area of great interest in Chile, so the conference was very celebrated for 1,500 attendees from the world of sales and HR, and the organization and Internet.

The good health of the Chilean economy and the «almost» full employment, generates a high turnover of staff, very marked in the commercial area, and in itself historically punished by the «infidelity» of some commercial operators.

Soon, we will offer full conference where Sergi Bouquet concretely detailed keys to select the business talent, and link them loyal: a dynamic commercial training that surely will add value. Stay tuned to our blog to enjoy this formative pill.


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Some of the comments on Twitter:

  • @sergiramo: excellent presentation, Sergi. Congratulations! – @axtell
  • brilliant presentation –> E=(C+H)*A @sergiramo @icare_chile – @lucianocastel
  • @sergiramo @ferrazzi, first rate presentation by Sergi in the Chilean icare de Casa de Piedra… – @KikeMolinaE
  • @sergiramo te felicito por tu exposición en #icare, importantísimo es considerar el salario emocional cc. @icare_chile – @Roberto_Guerra
  • @sergiramo @icare_chile buenísima tu presentación, me hizo demasiado sentido para ponerlo en práctica con mi equipo de ventas. Gracias!! – @pquevedoy
  • @sergiramo Felicitaciones por la ponencia! – @chilemarcas